Sunday, August 2, 2009

German shepard daschund mix?

My girlfriend has a dog that is 7 yrs old, the animal shelter told her that it is a german shepard daschund mix. I cannot find any information on if it is possible i told her it is more likely it is a mix with a bassett houd because it looks very much like a german shepard on short legs and slightly larger ears than normal, am i right? thanks for the help
it would help a lot if you could put a picture of him on, then we would be able to see what he looks like and the suggest what he could be, but it is hard trying to describe a breed if you don't know what it looks like.
that is possible but dachsunds have extremely short legs also..
How old is it? How long is it? How much does it weigh? How tall is it (back to floor)? All this would help- as would a picture.
It is possible for a Shepherd and a daschund to mate. Hopefully the shepherd was the female, but I've heard of instances where the size difference was the other way around and the mother delivered her puppies just fine. In most cases the womb decides how big the pups are, and genetics comes into the picture after the puppies are born.
It is possible, unusual but possible. I have a Basset Hound/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. So trust me, there are some strange mixes out there! I think Basset sounds more likely.
Andrea G
VP PuppyLove-LoveCats Pet Rescue, Chicago
I would definately say basset hound. Dachshunds are very small, very short dogs. It would be nearly impossible for one to mate with a german shepherd because of the height difference.
It is most assuredly possible. I know of a rottie chihuahua cross. If it really is or not would only be guessed at. A picture would help. :-)


  1. A few months ago I adopted a dog from a shelter. I was told it was a Dachshund and German Shepherd Mix. I can see both breeds but I also believe the dog may have some Basenji mix. My dog doesn't bark and hates water. He's a wonderful pet and is very obedient. When outside without a leash he never bolts and always stays with me. In fact he will not even walk a few steps away from me and is always looking back to make sure I'm right next to him. Another thing he loves to burrow under my blankets when we go to sleep. In the house he follows me everywhere. Right now he's sitting in a chair right next to me.

    Is it possible this dog may be a daschund, german shepherd and basenji mix.

  2. I have a dachshund and german shepherd mixed dog, born yesterday. He's adorable... but I can't find anything online answering questions about this mix. They're obviously rare

  3. I have a Doxxie Shepard mix bitch and she is now 9 years old Ive had her since 4 weeks old, beautiful nature very well behaved but she has got the hip and back problems that both breed suffer with. however fantastic dog, she gains weight very quickly I guess the the doxxie, so she often tips the scales at 45 kilograms I cant walk her very much now she has arthritis and become very cripple after walks, We have just found a lump and it's not good news 8-( not sure if I'll ever find another dog like her. her parent Mother pure breed Dachshund and father pure breed German Shepard this was an accidental mating, I got her from a pet shop so Im not responsible mixed breeding.