Monday, May 24, 2010

Guess the dogs name?

its a chocolate lab.
Means "brown" from Germanic.
so it's kind of a german name
Braun, maybe, don't know ?
maybe brownie?
Eva Braun
I think its-Bruno?
How can U ask Ur pets name if I dont know it.
I must be correct this time its Bernarnd.
Bruno or Bruns.if your doggie is a boy :)
I think the most popular name is Bruno OR Bruna.

Guess the breed. What breed am i ? Can you guess me ?

Some individuals are reportedly able to leap six or more feet into the air. I am a very muscular, sturdy dog with a large, powerful head and jaws. He is very strong, but agile and light on his feet. The chest is wide and the muscular neck tapers from shoulders to head. The neck may have a slight dewlap. The head is square and broad with muscular cheeks and a furrow between the rounded eyes. The strong muzzle is shaped like a box. I am a brave and determined, but not hostile dog. Alert and self-confident, this breed genuinely loves children. It is known for its acts of heroism towards its master. These dogs have fought wild dogs, bulls and even fire. It is said "fighting off one of these dogs is like fighting an animal that possesses an alligator's head and a python's body." Yet when called off by their handler, they immediately obey. Some may be aggressive with other dogs and reserved with strangers. They need to be around people to be truly happy.This breed tends to drool and slobber.
Mastiff, Boxer, Newfoundland, Great Dane? Oh WAIT...
Oh, by the way I answered the other post of this question too. I'm number 2.
The verbage is to lengthy and boring to read, I will just go by your name and guess American Bull Dog, although the slobber part sounds like a Mastiff.
French bulldog
American Bulldog
pit bull?

Guess the breed!!!!can you?

ok so i have posted this ? before but people dont get close to the real breeds. hints
comes just below the knees
mom worked on a farm with sheep and cows
mom was 2 breeds dad was 1
so my pup has 3 breeds altogether.
p.s no lab,rot,dobie,poodle,cocker,or yorkie
Australian sheperd/ bordercollie/ shnauzer? Cute dog whatever the mix!
IDK!! wow im good lol
its a mutt! yay i win
Airedale, Aussie Blue healer, and border collie
shnazuer/sheep dog/?
Dad was a Schnauzer
Mom was maybe Australian Cattle dog and Australian Kelpie mix
My second guess would be:
Dad - Schnauzer
Mom - Australian Keplie/Australian Shepherd
Schnauzer (sp) pekinese poodle
mom is welsh corgi, (cardigan and pembroke) dad is ??
I know it's part Schnauzer, but i don't know the other one..for now, i'll just say Schnauzer mix.
Looks like cross between Bernese Mountain Dog, Corgi and Schnauzer
first photo I saw Schnauzer in his/her face.The coloring looks like Belgian Sheepdog..and the third..LOL..I'm lost..LOL Very cute though!Maybe Sheltie?
um scottie,dash,and um idk maybe sheltie.wrong
Looks like a schnauzer mix to me. Maybe schnauzer and border collie.
Guess #1 Border Collie, Schnauzer, %26 Daschund
Guess #2 Burnese Mountain Dog, Schnauzer %26 Beagle
So when do we find out???
Scott Terrier, Boarder Collie, Norwegian Elk hound
Looks like schnauzer, Australian sheep dog, and possibly a collie (short or border)
Well, I am on my mom's account, and she is the dog wiz..
I would have to say that the sire (dad) is a schnauzer? and the dam (mom) is an australian shepherd cross of some kind.
My mom raises aussies and my dad use to have a schnauzer
Border collie, Schnauzer and Wire-haired terrier
Schnauzer mix, with some Terrier of some sort in there for the tan color, would be my guess.
Part schnauzer. Cool looking dog by the way.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Welsh Corgi, and Schnauzer. Was I right?
Schnauzer,Aussie/border collie mix

GUESS THE BREED!! What breed am i. What breed am i.?

They display the true Terrier nature, are independent, and faithful. Extremely lively, sporty, alert, keen and vigilant. Discerning and devoted, it is loyal and a good friend to its master. They can become bored, hyper, destructive, and bark excessively if left alone and ignored. These dogs can be outstanding in activities like agility skills and catch and also do well in obedience trials.He can be headstrong, protective and snappish if not raised properly. This breed needs thorough, firm training. Sources differ on the breed's combativeness with other dogs. Many look like very short dobermans BUT are not really related closely. I am a small, compact, agile dog with a long tapering head. The ears are v-shaped, and may be naturally folded over, pricked up, or cropped. The teeth should form a scissors bite. The coat colors are black %26 tan.

This is another beed then the other two test i made lol. Have fun ENJOY!!
Manchester terrier
Toy Fox Terrier.Have a good one;~)
Toy Manchester
is it a bull terrier
Jack Russell?
You're of the human breed and just another nut.I would guess you think you are a Mini Pin
Manchester Terrier?
Manchester Terrier
Beagle?? I have 2 and i love em!!
Since some of the breeds guessed usually are tri-colored, that does not fit your "riddle", Some of the descriptions could fit many breeds, but the fact that they have a long tapered head, and look like a doberman, I would have to go along this the min pin, they are hyper dogs, loyal to their owner, and you forgot think they are 10 ft tall and bulletproof.
Manchester Terrier
Manchester Terrier
Toy Fox Terrier
min pin

Guard dog ?

I need a good guard dog who is loyal but fearsome to others i was thinking about a Rottweiler or Doberman, what do you think?
Of course my choice would be Doberman Pinschers!! I have had them in my family %26 home for over 26 years %26 they are very loyal, as well as protective!! I will always have a Dobie in my home %26 life!!
If you are looking for an outside dog, Dobies are not the breed you are looking for!!
how about an alarm system instead? Dogs are companions not just tools.
You're missing out by not getting a German Shepherd!! I've owned lots of dogs and he is the most fearsome and loyal and loving dog I've ever owned.
My good friend, I believe German Shepherds are top of the guard dog list. And you can probably get Rottweiler. They don't bite unless you train them to be that way. There Highly Protective to their family. Make a great guard dog. More for you care for it, more it will protect your family. Good luck.
I guess my question would be in what capacity will this guard dog be used? If you're just planning on sticking out in a yard with no companionship then who cares what kind of dog - will just be a miserable one.
If you're just wanting one that has the appearance of being mean but you really just plan on having it as a pet then the Rott looks meaner.
I would get a dog with a big bark not bit. Why would you want a dog to fear others? Dogs are pets.
I have a Doberman. He is very loyal to my family. I love this breed. I will get another Dobie when he passes. They like to please their family by making them laugh. He watches me in the yard working, and if a car or a person is walking in the road, he barks at them to let them know not to mess with me.
those are good, but they need alot off space, what about a pit bull or an amercian staddforshire terrior? my friends neighbor has one, when you are near the fence hell bark but when your in and petting (if he knows you) hes just a big old suck up! pit bulls and staffy's arent actually evil and they shouldnt be banned, they are just very territorial and protective of their owners, which is why people ar scared of them, they only bark because they are trying to protect what is theirs, same as any other dog, this one just looks more powerful! weimaraners are very powerful and are very big and could attack a coyote! (atleast in the book im reading, its name is dodger) hope i helped :)
ok what is wrong with german shepards also known as gsd
Definatally a rottweiler, my aunt has one and it is very scary and protects its family!
I have a Pitt mix and not many people are leery of her even thought the only thing she would do is sit on you. Or a curr dog because that is the one you have to watch at my house. If you want a family dog as well as a guard dog get a Pitt or staffy. rescue one.
If you are leaving it out in the yard with no companionship get an alarm system because dogs (explicy Pitts) companionship from their humans
Most "guard" dogs are any large to medium breed that can be trained to guard his family. Similar to the "look outs" in a pack. If you train a miniature (not a toy) poodle to be the look out dog of your pack he can be very tenacious when needed. If you are looking for status type guard dogs such as Dobi's, Rots, Germans, Pits, ect then by all means by a status dog but to make sure you have him professionally trained and teach him to know the difference between friend or potential foe. Great Danes are not agressive to a point. They are intimidating though and can hold back any attacker just by growling and they usually are great companions and are very intelligent. Irish Wolf hounds are very popular for guard dogs but are a little hard headed when there is a commotion such as a struggle between you and your potential assailant and usually are tunnel visioned to protect you. Very strong and very gentle to everyone. Just remember, Guard dogs are trained to guard it is not truely bred into them. You teach the dog where his place and position is with in your "pack" and that you are the alfa dog of the "pack" family. I would definately get an Irish Wolfhound because they are really the silent guard dog - in other words you won't hear or see him coming until he's already there. And always remember they are still your pet and need love and attention constantly and to be treated as one of the pack so to speak not just a junk yard dog.
Both are great. Socialize him and love him. Make him part of the family.
I love Rotties, they automatically look intimidating and have a terrifying bark. However if properly treated he will be a great companion and will not be aggressive. He will bark to protect and scare away just about anything, he will also bark to welcome people (he'll think he's saying hello, but people will think he's trying to eat them).
Just please dont make the mistake of thinking you'll make a better guard dog by mistreating him or not socializing him. Both of the breeds you mention have naturally protective natures, so while I wouldnt count on it 100% to protect you, you can rest assured he'll at least give you a warning and if he knows youre being hurt he'll probably intervene (or decide its a game and get involed in the play).
(My rottie/lab's natural way to play until we trained it out of him was to grab your wrist in his mouth and yank as hard as he could--at 6 months old now Id worry about him seriously hurting me if he hadnt already stopped this. Ive still seen him try it when he gets scared or startled, so I figure he could still hold his own against a person if need be)
Like everyone has already said, don't get the dog just to stay out in the yard with no interaction. I've got a Boxer and an American Bulldog... I keep both inside majority of the time, but make sure I bring them outside quite alot to play and run around. They both look somewhat fearsome to other people. I know for a fact that people with no dog experience or have had dogs, will ever come up and try to pet my dogs. But I also know they would NEVER bite anyone. They really could be the biggest babies, but boy when they bark, you might shitt your pants. I would recommend a Boxer with the brindle coat (brown/black tiger stripes) or a white American Bulldog. Really gorgeous dogs if you take care of them. A Rott would still be okay, but they do get pretty damn big, as do Dobermans. Just please take care of your dog, and remember that if you try to "train" it to be a guard dog, it might feel that everyone coming into the house/fence is an enemy.
yes. i had a doberman. he was a very good watch dog. alot of my friend's were afraid of him.
I would say German Shepherds are the most handsom, loyal, and sound breed of them all. Why hate on Shepherds? They are one of the most intelligent breeds and are very very loyal and protective of what they see as there family. They are fearless but not hostile. I would definitely get one of those but i guess a rottweiler out of those two..
German shepards are one of the most best watch dogs you can find, you are only considering the size of the dog and are you wanting to scare people off? Just get an animal you will love and not use it for your security systems. Get an alarm.

Growling problem?

How do i make my dog stop growling?
When it growls, nip it on the back of the heck with your thumb and forefinger, and hiss at it. Not enough to hurt, but enough to get its attention. This is what senior dogs in a pack do to indicte to a junior dog in a pack that its behavior is unacceptable. And, since it's your dog, you are its pack leader.
When you do this, your dog should immediately go into a calm submissive state. The dog should lower its head, drop its ears (if they were erect), and look up at you sheepishly. If you don't get this reaction, nip and hiss again. When you get the calm submissive reaction you're trying for, pet the dog and praise it.
What you'll find is that the dog will eventually just respond to the hissing without the nip. And, it will probably learn eventually that growling is an inappropriate behavior and will stop doing it.
When is he growling ? when he has a toy .. when he's eatting ..
Could you provide a few more details?
he growls when he feels threatened. so find out what is scaring him and see if you can get him used to it or try to limit how much he is around what scares him.
i don't know. tell him to stop. whats he growling at? Is he growling at you? Maybe he doesn't like you
That depends on what he's growling ABOUT. If you can't see a reason, or a trigger, then he may in pain. If this is the case, take him to the vet.
Otherwise, find an animal behaviorist who can help you evaluate your dog's behavior and correct it effectively.
We need more info than this. Please add to your question - where he growls, and when; what kind of dog is he; is he neutered; how old is he; how long has this been going on?

Growing worried...?

My 9mo. old baby girl is in heat, this is her second week (or so). I noticed she is MASSIVELY kinda hangs when she walks, and resembles being a boy instead of a girl. I had another female that was in heat and she got swollen and red, but no where near this. Should I be worried? It looks like it's about to fall out, and it's kinda worrying me. She doesn't appear to be in any pain at all, but I was just curious if this was normal. I'm waiting for this heat to pass so I can spay her, so we won't be worrying about this again. Thanks all.
It is normal. Thanks for spaying when this is done!!
You CAN spay a dog in heat, but most vets will have you wait. Due to the increased blood supply to the uterus, blood loss is a greater risk when in heat. Waiting until she is done is a wiser choice. You can speak with your vet and see, but most are most happy to wait.
Cats, since they are smaller and most unspayed females are usually in heat or pregnant, are frequently spayed while in heat.
If you aren't sure then you need to take her to the vet. And for God's sake..WHY did you wait so long? She should have been spayed months ago...
You can spay a dog that is in heat.
Some dogs just get REALLY swollen, but if you are concerned a simple trip to the Vet will put your mind at ease.
Do you notice any discharge that isn't red? If its green, then she has an infection. And the trip to the Vet is highly necessary. good luck